Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Let’s face it – we Filipinos have a natural affinity for anyone that’s fair and white. And that’s why so many whitening products have come out in the market over the past years. But while there is a growing number of people buying whitening products, more and more are becoming aware that there’s a difference between artificial white – and natural white.

That’s why Splash Corporation, the all-Filipino personal care company and manufacturer of the country’s number-one skin whitening product, SkinWhite, now introduces an exciting new product line – the SkinWhite Papaya Milk line – the first to combine papaya and milk ingredients for the natural way to soft, white skin!

“The SkinWhite Papaya Milk line is expected to be a hit not only among users of the SkinWhite brand, but also among users of herbal whitening products. Now, our consumers can benefit from the unique combination of natural beauty ingredients, that of papaya and milk, and, at the same time, enjoy our complete line – from soap to lotion.” says Anna Gimenez, Marketing Manager for the Whitening Category of Splash Corporation.

Currently the leading product in its category, SkinWhite intends to maintain its leadership by constantly creating and introducing exciting new products.

The first product line ever to combine papaya and milk ingredients, Splash Corporation’s SkinWhite Papaya Milk line promises to deliver an amazing and effective combo of whitening and moisturizing of the skin. With its 100% natural whitening papain enzymes combined with milk extracts, those who wish to have white, soft skin can expect results in as little as one week! The products also contain SPF-10 to prevent skin darkening and are further infused with essential Vitamins B, C, and E to help nourish skin. Both SkinWhite Papaya Milk lotion and soap also come in a sweet, long-lasting scent, making them perfect for everyday use.
Best of all, new SkinWhite Papaya Milk line is now available in all Robinson’s Supermarkets.

And this November, the SkinWhite Papaya Milk line will be available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

So don’t just be white. Be naturally white – with SkinWhite Papaya Milk.

Splash Corporation
Press Release
28 October 2010

Splash products are available online at KabayanCentral.com