Friday, September 27, 2013

Bath Time Milk

How many times have we been told to drink our milk? We drink milk as a baby and as we grow older we are always reminded to drink milk for our bones.

Sure we know that milk, with its load of calcium, vitamins and minerals, is not only good for bones and teeth, but also helps boost the immune system and ward off diseases.

But did you know that milk is also a beauty ingredient. Have you ever wondered if it is true that Cleopatra, the Egyptian glamour queen, have a daily milk bath to keep her skin young ang supple?
Milk contains lactive acid, which helps exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and whiten skin. It helps
moisturize, soothe, cleanse and nourish your skin.

Would you like to try using milk in your bath. If yes, then here are two ways to do it.

If you have a bath tub then you can really soak in a milk bath. Fill the bath tub with warm water.
Put 2 cups powdered whole milk, 2 cups whole milk(liquid) and 1 cup honey. If you have oily skin, you can add 2 tablespoons of juice of lemon, lime or calamansi. If you have dry skin, you can add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix and let the ingredients soak together for 5 minutes. Then get in the tub, soak and enjoy. When you're done, make sure to rinse off with clean water.

If you do not have a bath tub then you can use this milk shower gel. To make a milk shower gel, mix together equal parts powdered whole milk and honey then adjust until it has a gel consistency. Apply and massage to your whole body just like a regular shower gel. When you're done, rinse off with warm water.

You'll have soft and radiant skin!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Breakfast Beauty: Eggs for your Hair!

A good breakfast sets the tone for your day. And a good DIY beauty treatment with your regular breakfast items can make it even better. Here's how you can have eggs not just for breakfast but also for a beautiful hair. 

Did you know that you can use eggs as a hair conditioner? Here are two ways to do it.

Beat one egg with a teaspoon of lemon or honey. If your have dry hair, add a tablespoon of olive oil to the mixture. After shampooing, apply the egg mixture to your hair and cover with a shower cap. Let sit for 15-30 minutes, then rinse off.
Alternatively, you can beat one egg yolk until it’s frothy, then beat in a teaspoon of baby oil before adding to a cup of water. after shampooing, apply the solution to your hair and scalp, then rinse with cool water.

After application hair is silky smooth and lustrous. Using eggs as a hair conditioner is safe and good for any hair type. Try it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miracle in a Bottle!?!?!?

Yes! It's a gold elixir... it's the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil!

It's 100% Natural and packed with vitamins A, D and E that help moisturize and nourish your skin to give it that healthy glow -- without any harmful chemicals. It’s so effective and so versatile, the uses are endless!

What kind of miracles, you ask? Well, here's 20...
  1. Helps lighten dark under eye circles
  2. Moisturizes under eye area
  3. Nourishes and conditions eyelashes
  4. Lightens dark lips
  5. Helps lighten darks spots and pimple marks
  6. Removes stubborn makeup
  7. Moisturizes dry hair ends
  8. De-frizzes hair
  9. Adds shine to dull hair
  10. Relieves itchy scalp
  11. Can be used as overall body moisturizer
  12. Helps prevent and diminish the appearance of stretch marks
  13. Softens and gives you lighter-looking underarms
  14. Softens feet soles, knees and elbows
  15. Softens cuticles
  16. Soothes skin after shaving
  17. Smoothens skin from shaving
  18. Helps soothe rashes
  19. Helps soothe sunburn
  20. Helps relieve itching and inflammation caused by insect bites
No wonder sunflowers are known as "happy flowers" for the joy they bring.
Hope you try the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil and experience the miracles and happiness it has brought me for the past year. I have been using it mainly for my hair, face and body... ooppss that means anywhere. Was so glad that it now comes in a big 100ml bottle and not just the small pocket size 50ml bottle.

Human Nature products are now available at

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It All Started With a Body Lotion

I was first introduced to Human Nature or Human Heart Nature by my niece. She gave a 100ml Hand and Body Lotion.

I tried it and I liked it. It smells good, feels good and being all natural without any harmful chemicals then it must be really good for my skin, my body. It has goat's milk and cocoa butter. It's light, non-sticky lotion is perfect for used as often as you want. Apply all over after you take a bath or onto your hands after washing to replenish lost moisture. It comes in 100ml and 200ml packs in Mango or Guava scents (Strawberry which I like the best is only available while stocks last). The 100ml is good to put in your bag so you have it all day long.

My niece is a Human Nature dealer so I became one also. Even if I don't intend to sell to others actively, I will and am using it continuously. And since Human Nature is Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment, I will be helping my country, my fellow men and my environment while keeping myself beautiful. Isn't that great!

This is my first Human Nature box containing all the Human Nature products I ordered.

From the hand and body lotion, I am now also using the Body Butter and the Hand and Foot Salve. The Body Butter in 50g, 100g and 200g is available in Mango scent or Unscented (Strawberry available while stocks last). It has goat's milk and cocoa butter which is perfect not just to deeply moisturize and rejuvinate skin but also to diminish the appearance of stretch masks. I usually use it in the morning after bath and at night before sleeping.

The Hand and Foot Salve comes in 50g pack in Banana or Eucalyptus scent. It has Beeswax, Bee Propolis and Carrot Oil. It is good for very dry and cracked skin. So I usually use it for my soles and fingers. It's goood for very dry fingers which happens when after I bake or make some bead accessories.

Do try them! It's good not just for you but for others too!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Let’s face it – we Filipinos have a natural affinity for anyone that’s fair and white. And that’s why so many whitening products have come out in the market over the past years. But while there is a growing number of people buying whitening products, more and more are becoming aware that there’s a difference between artificial white – and natural white.

That’s why Splash Corporation, the all-Filipino personal care company and manufacturer of the country’s number-one skin whitening product, SkinWhite, now introduces an exciting new product line – the SkinWhite Papaya Milk line – the first to combine papaya and milk ingredients for the natural way to soft, white skin!

“The SkinWhite Papaya Milk line is expected to be a hit not only among users of the SkinWhite brand, but also among users of herbal whitening products. Now, our consumers can benefit from the unique combination of natural beauty ingredients, that of papaya and milk, and, at the same time, enjoy our complete line – from soap to lotion.” says Anna Gimenez, Marketing Manager for the Whitening Category of Splash Corporation.

Currently the leading product in its category, SkinWhite intends to maintain its leadership by constantly creating and introducing exciting new products.

The first product line ever to combine papaya and milk ingredients, Splash Corporation’s SkinWhite Papaya Milk line promises to deliver an amazing and effective combo of whitening and moisturizing of the skin. With its 100% natural whitening papain enzymes combined with milk extracts, those who wish to have white, soft skin can expect results in as little as one week! The products also contain SPF-10 to prevent skin darkening and are further infused with essential Vitamins B, C, and E to help nourish skin. Both SkinWhite Papaya Milk lotion and soap also come in a sweet, long-lasting scent, making them perfect for everyday use.
Best of all, new SkinWhite Papaya Milk line is now available in all Robinson’s Supermarkets.

And this November, the SkinWhite Papaya Milk line will be available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

So don’t just be white. Be naturally white – with SkinWhite Papaya Milk.

Splash Corporation
Press Release
28 October 2010

Splash products are available online at

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Do you have any lipstick that's too dark or just not the right color for you?
Don't fret, you can still use it. You can make your own colored lip gloss using it.

You will need:
  • 1 tablespoon petroleum jelly
  • 1 tablespoon lipstick

For the lipstick, you can use just one color or a combination of different colors. Use your imagination. Try different color combinations which suits you.

Put the petroleum jelly and lipstick in a microwaveable bowl. Mix and melt in the microwave.

When melted, stir then pour into a small jar. Voila! You have your own colored lip gloss.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Relaxing Foot Soak

After a stressful, tiring, long day a foot soak can be just the thing to help you unwind and relax. A foot soak or foot bath is a wonderful way to repay our feet. When our feet are tired then our whole body feels tired. When our feet feels good, our whole body feels good.

Here's an easy, simple and cheap recipe for a relaxing foot soak.
  • Prepare bowl of warm water
  • Add the juice of two calamansi
  • Sit comfortably in your favorite chair.
  • Soak your feet in the warm water with calamansi juice.
  • Relax depending on how long you want.
  • Rinse off.

In addition to a relaxing and calming feeling, your feet will be softer.

Try it!