Sunday, May 1, 2011

It All Started With a Body Lotion

I was first introduced to Human Nature or Human Heart Nature by my niece. She gave a 100ml Hand and Body Lotion.

I tried it and I liked it. It smells good, feels good and being all natural without any harmful chemicals then it must be really good for my skin, my body. It has goat's milk and cocoa butter. It's light, non-sticky lotion is perfect for used as often as you want. Apply all over after you take a bath or onto your hands after washing to replenish lost moisture. It comes in 100ml and 200ml packs in Mango or Guava scents (Strawberry which I like the best is only available while stocks last). The 100ml is good to put in your bag so you have it all day long.

My niece is a Human Nature dealer so I became one also. Even if I don't intend to sell to others actively, I will and am using it continuously. And since Human Nature is Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment, I will be helping my country, my fellow men and my environment while keeping myself beautiful. Isn't that great!

This is my first Human Nature box containing all the Human Nature products I ordered.

From the hand and body lotion, I am now also using the Body Butter and the Hand and Foot Salve. The Body Butter in 50g, 100g and 200g is available in Mango scent or Unscented (Strawberry available while stocks last). It has goat's milk and cocoa butter which is perfect not just to deeply moisturize and rejuvinate skin but also to diminish the appearance of stretch masks. I usually use it in the morning after bath and at night before sleeping.

The Hand and Foot Salve comes in 50g pack in Banana or Eucalyptus scent. It has Beeswax, Bee Propolis and Carrot Oil. It is good for very dry and cracked skin. So I usually use it for my soles and fingers. It's goood for very dry fingers which happens when after I bake or make some bead accessories.

Do try them! It's good not just for you but for others too!


strat said...

It is my wife favorite. Now im getting addicted too. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hmm this product the “human nature” is really the nice one I’ll try this. Thanks
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Unknown said...

I haven’t tried this body lotion yet but I’m eyeing this one.
~Pauline @Clarisonic Philippines