Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Belo Essentials Smoothening Whitening Body Bar Soap

I was intrigued by the new Belo Essentials product line. They have a lot of celebrity endorsers including Sarah Geronimo. So last week, I bought the body bar soap, face wash, toner and whitening lotion. Since it's dermatologist tested and approved, I'll be trying them.

I started with the body bar soap (pink). It has a very light, nice and sweet smell which is not overpowering. It comes in an elegant box which says:

Belo Essentials Smoothening Whitening Body Bar with Dermlight Skin System
A body bar with microbeads that exfoliates for smoother skin, lightens skin naturally and safely with its Dermlight Skin System - a combination of alpine plant extracts, California prune fruit pulp, and skin vitamins.
  • Exfoliates to reveal newer, smoother skin.
  • Reduces skin darkening by inhibiting tyrosinase, which leads to melanin build-up. This ensures faster, more visible whitening results.
  • Cleanses gently and prevents dryness, resulting in silky soft skin.
  • Chamomile extracts soothes skin and shields it from irritation.
You can buy Belo Essentials products, the World's Filipina Personal Care Products Store


Unknown said...

Hello filipina beauty, Im interested about your products. Please email me :

hope to hear from you soon !

rosey said...

Buy Belo Essentials online at

Unknown said...

Is it really effective? My belo essentials smoothening whitening body bar soap that I ordered at (, has arrived yesterday here in our house and I haven't tried it yet. I've been looking for more positive feedbacks about the product before using it. Thanks sis!